Barbarians – 
to the civilization.

Indifferent and hostile to human values. Non-organized, scattered, chaotic. The word that has always been associated with ignorance and violence. All they can do is ruin, conquer, plunder, and enslave. Cities, territories, people. The citizens of the Roman Empire used this word to describe foreign tribes that had no cultural, legal, or moral narratives. In Kyivan Rus, this concept was associated with wildness and animosity. In Ancient Greece, this word was used for belligerent nations from lands far away.

It’s a pity that your neighbor turned out to be the “nation from far away”.

February 24, 2022

is the date after which
we must revise the spelling
of the word “barbarians”.

varvary — Ukrainian.
barbarians — English.

warwarru — international.

The concept of the warwarru project is to revise this term.

Now it contains both war and the new barbarism of the 21st century – russia’s war against the Ukrainian nation. The Ukrainian word transliterates as varvary. But the real barbarians come from the country known under the abbreviation RU. We add this abbreviation to two world wars.

WARWARRU – the new name for barbarism.

The face of the genocide of the Ukrainian nation.

Like in times of invasions, they remain true to their principles — cruelty, anger, demoralization, and devaluation of any human ideals. Attack without a declaration of war: thousands of dead, hundreds of broken lives, murder, torture of civilians, ruins instead of cultural monuments, looting on the verge of common sense. The barbarism of the 21st century has three colors, a russian passport, and the blood of 400 Ukrainian children on its hands (as of November 27, 2022).

This is something that humanity must remember, survive and make every effort to ensure that this never happens again. Russia’s war against Ukraine is a war of worldview paradigms and values. Democracy, human values, respect for laws and international agreements vs. calumnious diplomacy, xenophobia, dictatorship, and death. What the civilized world must say goodbye to and where peace in Europe must begin.

We created the project to support the agenda of the war in Ukraine and create communication to remind us of the evil that the enemy brings to the country and the Ukrainian nation, as well as the entire civilization.


The light within each one of us is the last bastion of humanity. Remember this, or no one on this planet has a chance to be in charge of their future!

Creative directors —
Alona Kotliar
& Liuda Babak
Graphic designers —
Ruslan Onopko & Maryna Zimakina
Web designer —
Ruslan Onopko